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Forensic Accounting

Green Spring’s team of fraud investigation experts has the technical know-how to detect fraudulent activity, document and present the findings, and underlying evidence. Armed with decades of experience, we utilize proven techniques and applied technology to examine financial and accounting data to detect anomalies and unusual trends. The work product: a concise, easy to understand report of the findings based on the requirements specific to the matter.

Green Spring works side-by-side with counsel, fraud victims, governmental agencies and individuals accused of impropriety to assist in the analysis of financial information and provide meaningful and effective results.

Our team of Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners has the skillset and experience to identify and report on:

·       Fraudulent Transfers 

·       Money Laundering 

·       Ponzi Schemes

·       Embezzlement

·       Affinity Schemes

·       Foreign Corrupt Policy Act Violations

·       Asset Misappropriation

·       Financial Statement Fraud

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